Esther Chapters 8-10

Sep 20, 2016 by

Listen to the exciting and God present conclusion of the story of Esther....

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Esther Chapters 3-7

Sep 19, 2016 by

Listen in as we learn about God’s redemptive plan in the most perilous of circumstances....

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Esther Chapters 1 and 2

Aug 30, 2016 by

Do you believe that God can work in the background, in the “in between” of your life? He can and He did with...

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Ruth Chapter 2-4

Aug 25, 2016 by

Do we see circumstances change and then gather hope? Or do we see God’s character and then gather hope, despite our...

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Ruth; Chapter 1

Aug 16, 2016 by

There is so much to learn in this first chapter of Ruth. Why did Elimelech leave? Who were the Moabites? What happens when we take...

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Ruth / Esther Overview

Aug 10, 2016 by

This is a short overview of Ruth and Esther and why it is relevant to us to study these books  for this day and age. It’s only...

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Lesson 6; 2 Thessalonians- (Ch...

Mar 22, 2016 by

The Thessalonians were concerned and shaken by the distorted teachings going on in their community. So Paul reminds them of the truth...

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